September 13th:
Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo. Release of album, works by Andreas Backer and Guro S. Moe + improvisations


July 7th:
Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Kongsberg. Concert/project with Sofia Jernberg


May 5th:
Flerbruksallen, Hausmania, Oslo. First performance of commission work by Tone Åse


February 24th:
Rainbow Studio, Oslo. Recording of album, works by Andreas Backer and Guro S. Moe + improvisations
(More concerts for 2018 will be announced)




October 19th, 5 PM:
NMH, Levinsalen, Oslo. Commission works by Andreas Backer and Guro S. Moe + improvisations


September 26th, 8.30 PM:
BlowOut!/Mir, Oslo. First performances of commission works by Guro S. Moe and Andreas Backer
June 4th, 4 PM:
Tøyen kirke/church, Oslo. Improvisations, direction: Andreas Backer
March 18th, 6 PM:
Majorstuen kirke/church, Oslo. Improvisations, direction: Andreas Backer
February 26th, 8 PM:
Kampenjazz/Nordic Black Theatre, Oslo. Improvisations, direction: Elin Rosseland
February 4th, 5.15 PM:
Nesodden Jazzklubb/Vanntårnet, Nesodden. Improvisations at the festival Vinterjazz, first concert with new artistic director, Andreas Backer


November 15th, 7 PM:
Sentralen, Oslo. First performance of commission works by Ole Henrik Giørtz and Jessica Sligter, as well as improvisations
October 1st, 8 PM:
Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo. Release concert of the album “Improvisasjon*Komposisjon”, at NorCD’s anniversary concert
April 16th:
Concert at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. Improvisations
February 18th:
Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo. First performance of commission works by Lisa Dillan, Sofia Jernberg and Wenche Losnegård
January 14th:
“All Ears” festival, Oslo, in Domkirken/Oslo Cathedral. Improvisations at the opening of the 2016’s festival


September 13th, 8 PM:
Ultimafestivalen, Oslo. Performing Camille Norment’s “Rapture”, with Sofia Jernberg and Camille Norment trio.
August 11th, 8 PM:
Oslo Jazzfestival at Universitetets Aula, Oslo. With Jøkleba, celebrating John Coltrane‘s 50th anniversary of “A Love Supreme”
June 5th, 7.30 PM:
Only Connect Of Sound 2015 at Fabrikken, Oslo. First performance of Susanna Wallumrød’s commission work